PCS250 Module de Communication GSM GPRS

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PCS250 Module de Communication GSM / GPRS
* Compact, sleek design
* Instant notification of panel supervision loss

* Easily arm/disarm the system via SMS
* Report alarms by sending pre-recorded voice messages to up to 8 telephone numbers using the GSM mode (CID) of the optional Paradox Plug-in Voice Module (VDMP3)
* Report alarms by text messages to up to 16 cellular phone numbers
* Simple installation with 4-wire serial connection
* Optional rod antenna can be installed up to 18m/60ft from the PCS250 module using optional able extensions depending on the local signal strength
* Increase the distance between the panel and the PCS250 module with an RS485 link (GSM mode only via e-bus). To accomplish this, a CVT485 module must be added on the panel side.
* In GPRS mode messages are secured with 128-bit (MDS) and 256-bit (AES) encryption


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